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From, January 4th, 2016
By Kate Stalter


At some point, many people begin considering how their assets, including investment portfolios, can be passed along to their children or grandchildren.
Often, part of that wealth transfer occurs while all parties are still alive, 避免了遗属聚在一起宣读遗嘱的老式电影场景.
According to 2012 research from consulting firm Accenture, 从所谓的“最伟大的一代”到婴儿潮一代的巨大财富转移正在进行中. Accenture values this shift at $12 trillion, 但他表示,未来30年将发生规模更大的30万亿美元的财富转移, as boomers leave money to their children.
而许多人希望尽早将资产传给家人, longer life expectancies could — and should, in many cases — put a damper on those plans. 埃森哲(Accenture)发现,婴儿潮一代在65岁时预计还能再活18年. In addition, 婴儿潮一代在退休后往往比他们的父母更健康,更活跃.
这意味着父母和子女可能不得不改变他们对遗产的看法. It’s one thing to expect an inheritance, but if parents live to a ripe old age, they may spend it down, leaving little or nothing for their family.
On the flip side, 没有人愿意给他们的成年子女一大笔钱,然后眼睁睁地看着他们挥霍掉.
Pass it along. 理财顾问表示,将理财知识与金钱一起传递是至关重要的. The millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, gets a bad rap for lacking knowledge about finance and economics. However, they’re more informed than baby boomers give them credit for, says John Michel, chief executive officer of CircleBlack, a financial technology firm in Princeton, New Jersey.”As a general statement, this generation is highly educated. However, 传统的美国教育在教育人们投资原则和各种投资的好处方面做得很差, such as funding a 401(k),” Michel says.
“这一代人感兴趣的是他们的钱,以及他们能用钱做什么, but are not looking to be told what to do. 无论是咨询师、父母还是家庭成员,最好参与对话. 根据他们的个人财务状况提供个性化的信息和知识是一个很好的开始,” he says.
当父母的财务顾问参与其中时,还有一个额外的维度. 根据金融行业行业出版物《苹果版时时彩app》2015年的一项研究, 顾问们指出了与当前客户的孩子一起工作的几个障碍. Those include:
— There is a lack of a relationship with clients’ children.
— Children spend the assets too fast.
— The inheritance is split among too many people.
— The next generation doesn’t want the same advisor as their parents.

Thomas Mingone, founding and managing partner of Capital Management Group in New York, 他说,父母在孩子很小的时候就和他们谈论金钱是很重要的.
“我们的大多数客户的孩子都是二三十岁,我们想和他们谈谈. By the time they get to their 40s, they’ll have habits and opinions already set, and it becomes more difficult to educate them. Bad habits get set in early,” he says. “Also, when they get their first jobs, 我们希望尽早参与进来,以确保他们一开始就在做最好的事情.”
Challenges in wealth transfer. 明格尼认为,家庭面临的最大挑战是花时间讨论财富转移的来龙去脉. “当你离靠钱生活越来越近——或者退休了——你会花更多的时间来考虑这个问题. At the beginning of your earning years, 你的重点是赚钱和按月支付费用. 在这段时间里,要进行长期的对话是非常困难的. When you are 25 years old, five years feels like an eternity; when you are 70, it goes by in the blink of an eye,” he says.
明贡说,要让千禧一代关注这个话题,关键是要保持他们的注意力. 以他们想要的方式与他们交流也是关键. This is the biggest generation gap in history. 自从电视出现以来,我们还没有看到一项技术创新改变了我们与他人交往和沟通的方式.”
“我们看到顾问们使用一种特别创新的方式来联系下一代投资者,那就是为他们现有的客户提供有成年子女的CircleBlack登录信息, even if they don’t have investments with the advisor. The adult children can aggregate assets from wherever they are held. 当他们使用应用程序时,他们仍然可以获得所有顾问的品牌和目标内容. 最终的结果是,顾问被视为一个现代的、与加深关系相关的选择,” Michel says.
通过技术共享数据是透明家庭财务状况的一个组成部分. 但这也可以通过在孩子长大前几年就开始的对话和日常行动来实现, Mingone says.
“A lot of parents are very secretive about money. They make it a taboo and secretive conversation. If the parents keep their finances private, 他们的孩子也采用同样的方法来遮遮掩掩,然后他们可能不会寻求他们需要的建议. 开诚布公的谈话有助于孩子们了解计划和管理他们的财务是多么重要,” he says.

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