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Do you know how much your 401(k) costs? If your answer to that question is, “what cost?” then you’re not alone.

超过四成的人表示,他们不知道自己的职场退休计划要花多少钱, according to a recent study from financial research firm Hearts & Wallets. Another 16% of people think their plan is free.

虽然很难弄清楚这些费用是多少,但你有法律权利知道. And since they’re your retirement dollars, 你应该意识到你所支付的费用以及它们如何影响你的储蓄能力. 这是因为费用会侵蚀你的投资回报,费用越高,影响越大. “0.5%,0.25个百分点,随着时间的推移,真的开始累积,”Scott G. 他是康涅狄格州米尔福德苹果版时时彩app的合伙人.

“If you’re working in the company [for] 10, 15, 20 years, and throughout that timeframe, the expenses are just higher than they really needed to be, that could have an adverse impact on your retirement nest egg,” Moulton says.

It’s your employer’s responsibility to keep plan fees in check. Employers are regularly hit with class-action lawsuits for charging excessive retirement plan fees. Here’s what to know.

What are 401(k) fees for, anyway?

There are several types of fees. Investment fees are for managing the money in your 401(k); they’re typically taken as a percentage of your assets in each fund, and they can range from the low teens to 100 basis points, meaning a fraction of a percent, up to about 1% of your assets. 记录保管费和管理费用于支付计划管理,通常由雇主和计划提供者协商. 如果你在一家大公司工作,它们的成本可能高达20个基点(0.2%), according to experts at Fidelity Investments. In some cases your employer may pick up these costs.

很难比较不同计划之间的费用,因为它们提供的额外服务差别很大. “如果有人在一家公司工作,他们每个月都在直播, 定制教育(来自其计划提供商)……这将比一个完全没有现场互动的公司成本更高,” Moulton says. In that case, higher fees make sense and may be worth it.

过去几年,学费一直在稳步下降,最近几年更是如此 401k Averages Book 小公司的平均总费用从1下降了.23% to 1.20% this year. Fees at larger companies, on the other hand, went from 0.91% to 0.90%.

没错——如果你在夫妻店工作,你支付的退休计划费用可能比你在财富500强公司工作的朋友要多. “The more assets in that plan, typically, [the employer] can negotiate a lower fee,” Kristen Ventre, 退休计划服务的高级副总裁在阿伦敦的吉拉德, Pennsylvania says.

How can I find out how much I’m paying in retirement plan fees?

Since 2012, 美国劳工部(Department of Labor)要求投资者每年披露他们为退休计划支付的费用. 然而,Ventre说,要想知道你到底付了多少费用仍然相当棘手.

To figure that out, 首先访问你的计划网站,查找一份名为参与者费用披露的文件, or Form 404(a)(5) DOL. 该表格将显示您的计划提供的所有基金的费用比率以及这些基金的业绩.

“If you can’t find it on the website, call and ask them for a copy and to explain it to you,” says Ventre. 你应该觉得自己有权向计划经理提问,或者去人力资源部门寻求帮助.

What should you do if your fees are really high?

文特尔说,在大多数情况下,学费将低于1%,也就是100个基点. “如果你看到一个共同基金2%或200个基点的费用比率,对我来说这有点异常.” In that case, 去你的人力资源部门,问问他们是如何管理这个计划的,或者他们上一次审核这个计划是什么时候.

在你的401(k)计划中,你不能货源比较,因为你被你的雇主提供的俘虏了. 但你可以选择在你的退休账户中投资不同的共同基金,如果这样可以帮助你节省费用并增加回报的话.

如果你的费用很高,另一个选择是向你的401(k)计划缴纳足够的钱,以满足你的公司的匹配,然后把你剩下的钱投资到你自己的公司 IRA or a health savings account (HSA). Fees are also a consideration after you leave your employer, when you’re deciding whether to leave your 401(k) where it is or roll it over into a new account.

但要知道,有所保留总比什么都不保留好, 通过任何雇主赞助的计划存钱仍然是自动化这项艰巨任务的最好方法之一. When you save through an employer-sponsored plan, “you’re doing what every investor really should be doing, which is paying yourself first,” Moulton says.

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